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Reviews – Das Feedback unserer Schüler

Hier einige der Google-Reviews unserer Schüler und Kursteilnehmer. Die Qualität unserer Ausbildung und persönliche Verbindlichkeit sind für uns die beste Werbung.

Gerne würde ich sechs Sterne geben, aber das geht ja leider nicht! Dann halt fünf!

Katha S. Avatar Katha S.

I'm really not an expert when it comes to martial arts, but I felt very comfortable in this dojo. The trainers all make a very experienced impression and manage to quickly give newcomers like me a good feeling and motivation. As a woman, I felt very comfortable there.

Liz Moriarty Avatar Liz Moriarty

I've been training in this dojo for over two years now and can emphasize the professionalism and experience of the trainers. Above all, the main trainer, Florian Rotter, has many years of practical experience at home and abroad as a security guard and soldier in the Bundeswehr. The training atmosphere is relaxed and practice-oriented. That means, unlike in other dojos of other martial arts (e.g. karate), one is less fixated on learning complex katas. Grappling/ground fighting is also an integral part of the training. Therefore, one should not be afraid of close physical contact. What distinguishes and emphasizes Ninjutsu from all other martial arts is the variety of weapons (swords, knives, sticks, etc.), which are also trained in addition to unarmed close combat. The only criticism is that you have to climb a total of five doors (three of which have to be unlocked and locked) and two flights of stairs to get to the toilet, which can take up to 10 minutes. That's why I recommend everyone to drink as little as possible two hours before training and to go to the toilet again before you start training.

Mark Luithle Avatar Mark Luithle

Die beste Kampfkunstschule, in der ich je war! Bei diesem Trainer werde ich bleiben. Man bekommt ein Konzept an die Hand, mit dem man Schritt für Schritt in den Kampfsport und die Lebenswelt des Ninjutsu eingeweiht wird. Es wurde nicht nur auf meine körperlichen, sondern auch meine mentalen Stärken und Schwächen eingegangen, sodass ich mich rundum wohl gefühlt habe - und das als Frau in einem doch eher männlichen Interessensgebiet. Eine klare Empfehlung von mir und Aufforderung, einmal vorbeizuschauen! Mit Öffis ist das Dojo sehr gut zu erreichen und sofort zu finden.

Lisa Avatar Lisa

I'm new to this topic and have looked around a bit. As a beginner, interested person or newcomer, I felt that I was in good hands right from the start! You are warmly welcomed and every (new) member is looked after intensively. There is a consistently pleasant atmosphere here. Anyone looking for a dojo and interested in martial arts/martial arts must shortlist this place. The only thing to note is the parking situation. But to be honest: If you want to do sports anyway, you should cycle there or walk a few meters to the car! 😉

Thorsten Berger Avatar Thorsten Berger

Eine sehr angenehme Atmosphäre in der sich frei entfaltet werden kann. Auf Fragen wird individuell eingegangen, in allem ein sehr gutes Gesamtpaket in der man sich in guten Händen fühlt.

andre aue Avatar andre aue

Great training with a good dedicated team. You should definitely go and take part!

Thomas Zander Avatar Thomas Zander

Absolutely great and good lessons, only been there twice and signed a contract straight away The lessons are fun and really great

Cyrus S Avatar Cyrus S

Großartige Lehrer mit viel Erfahrung. In den Stunden herscht eine lockere Atmosphäre mit viel Spaß. Es wird mit viel Geduld auf den einzelnen eingegangen. Ich habe mich als Frau gut aufgehoben gefühlt.

Ulrike Leyhe Avatar Ulrike Leyhe

The best martial arts school I've ever been to! I will stay with this trainer. You are given a concept that will introduce you step by step to martial arts and the world of ninjutsu. Not only my physical strengths and weaknesses were taken into account, but also my mental strengths and weaknesses, so that I felt completely comfortable - and that as a woman in an area of ​​interest that tends to be male. A clear recommendation from me and an invitation to stop by! The dojo is easy to reach by public transport and can be found straight away.

Lily Avatar Lily


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